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Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees FY 2018-19

Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees What is the best income tax saving option for salaried employees in FY 2018-19?  The FY 2018-19 has already been started and you need to plan your income tax savings for this year. Read the following article Income Tax planning for salaried employees FY 2018-19 to explore all the ways of income tax deductions. This year the […] Read More

Long Term Capital Gain Tax on Shares and Mutual Funds

Long Term Capital Gain Tax on Shares and Mutual Funds The finance minister re-introduced the long-term capital gain (LTCG) tax in the budget for the financial year 2018-19. It is proposed that investors have to pay 10% Long term capital gain tax on shares and mutual funds. Earlier there was no LTCG tax on stocks and equity mutual funds which attracted many investors for long-term […] Read More

Top 10 Best Income Tax Savings Options in FY 2018-19

Best income tax savings options Are you searching for best income tax savings options? You should take care of your tax savings at the beginning of the financial year whether you are a salaried, businessman or self-employed professionals. If you are not aware of various income tax deductions, read the article which describes the Income Tax Planning in FY 2018-19. […] Read More

Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees in FY 2017-18

Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees in FY 2017-18 We are on the verge of completing another financial year 2017-18. We need to invest money to save on income taxes. Salaried persons have to submit their actual investments document to their employer. Employers will deduct taxes based on the provisions income tax act and submit to the Government of India according to the rule. […] Read More

Advance Tax Payment: A Complete Guide

As the name suggests the advance tax means the income tax which is to be paid in advance. If you have income tax liability of Rs 10000 or more in a financial year, you have to pay advance tax before the stipulated dates as set by the income tax department. Those who are liable to […] Read More

How to Pay Income Tax Online in 5 Simple Steps

You are filing the income tax return and while checking the 26AS tax credit statement. Then you see that there is income from fixed deposits and others but you have not paid income tax for that. For salaried employees, the employer is responsible for the correct tax deduction and payment to the Government on behalf […] Read More