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Digital Wallet: Benefits and Its use

I went to a local shop in for buying some items for my household.  When the time came for payment, found short of cash in my wallet. As a typical local grocery shop, it does not have any option of credit card or debit card payment. I was hesitating for a moment thinking what I […] Read More

How to Become Rich – Six must things to practice

How to become rich? It’s a question which does not have any absolute answer. Many of us are struggling by asking this question to ourselves. Financially successful people build their wealth by disciplined investing and following some guidelines. Becoming rich takes sincere effort and vision. You have to remember each and every time about your […] Read More

Swachh Bharat Cess and How it affects you

When I last time rode in an Ola Taxi my invoice came in my inbox with an extra line in the Tax Break Up i.e Swachh Bharat Cess. In short it is SBC. Then I enquire about this and found that Swachh Bharat Cess is applicable to all services where service tax is applicable and […] Read More

Contingency Amount – Where to park

According to Wikipedia “A contingencies fund or contingency fund is a fund for emergencies or unexpected outflows, mainly economic crises”. Most of the persons in India don’t have any contingency amount or buffer amount in their account. The main features of this money are it is to be easily liquidatable which means during our need we can easily access the […] Read More

Contingency Amount: A must have for all

Yesterday, I failed to pay my credit card bill of Rs 80000 because of insufficient amount in my account. I think you are bit surprised why I am saying like this. Last month one of my best friend has asked me for some financial help. His father was admitted at the hospital. To pay the […] Read More


Nowadays young generation of our country is more interested in EMI i.e. Equated Monthly Installment over SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or regular savings. This is why a thought came to my mind to write something about EMI vs SIP. The tendency of buying not so important thing has been increased due to increment in the use of […] Read More