Decision on Purchase

Purchase DecisionLast month I have bought a DSLR camera. I was supposed to get a performance bonus. Instead of saving the amount for uncertain future I was tempted how to spend the money. Then I was exploring the option of buying Nikon D3100 costs around Rs 21000 from Amazon. Amazon was giving an offer that time which was increased my interest to buy the camera. Since, the camera came to my hand I have not used that like DSLR. It is serving the purpose of point and shoot camera. The same purpose can be served with Rs10000. That means I have lost Rs 11000. When I analysed my decision I found I have made a mistake buying the costly camera. So when buying some consumer electronic goods such as camera, mobile, LED tvs etc. please don’t go by the flow, analyse the requirement and then go for buying. If you don’t do that you are actually losing the savings for your uncertain future.