Contingency Amount: A must have for all

Yesterday, I failed to pay my credit card bill of Rs 80000 because of insufficient amount in my account. I think you are bit surprised why I am saying like this. Last month one of my best has friend has asked me for some financial help. His father was admitted at the hospital. To pay […] Read More

New Year: Target with Insurance

new year insurance We all are in festive mood. Five more days to come to welcome New Year 2015. Usually, we make a promise for the new year. Let this year we promise about adequate insurance coverage to each and everyone life. For every one of us, we need at least adequate Life Insurance and adequate Health insurance. […] Read More

Decision on Purchase

Last month I have bought a DSLR camera. I was supposed to get a performance bonus. Instead of saving the amount for uncertain future I was tempted how to spend the money. Then I was exploring the option of buying Nikon D3100 costs around Rs 21000 from Amazon. Amazon was giving an offer that time […] Read More


Nowadays young generation of our country is more interested in EMI i.e. Equated Monthly Installment over SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or regular savings. This is why a thought came in my mind to write something about EMI vs SIP. This tendency has been increased due to increment in the use of E-commerce portal. The credit card has […] Read More