How to Track Your Portfolio Automatically

How to track your portfolio As a regular reader of Investdunia, you probably understand the significance of investing and how it can help you build a financially secure future. As previous blog posts have pointed out, financial markets are a great investment option, especially for those who want to invest over a long time horizon. For those who don’t have […] Read More

Top 10 Best Income Tax Savings Options in FY 2018-19

Best income tax savings options Are you searching for best income tax savings options? You should take care of your tax savings at the beginning of the financial year whether you are a salaried, businessman or self-employed professionals. If you are not aware of various income tax deductions, read the article which describes the Income Tax Planning in FY 2018-19. […] Read More

Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees in FY 2017-18

Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees in FY 2017-18 We are on the verge of completing another financial year 2017-18. We need to invest money to save on income taxes. Salaried persons have to submit their actual investments document to their employer. Employers will deduct taxes based on the provisions income tax act and submit to the Government of India according to the rule. […] Read More

5 Top Tips for Financial Planning in 2018

5 Top Tips for Financial Planning in 2018 Another splendid year has gone. A new year has come. You must be thinking of rectifying your all mistakes which you have made in the year 2017. At the same time, you will be hoping for better wealth creation in this year 2018. It is very good to look back or assess your portfolio every […] Read More

Top Five Best Tax Saving Mutual Fund to Invest Now

Top five best tax saving mutual fund Tax saving is an important part of financial planning. A proper tax saving plan not only save your taxes but also gives you the higher return. One of those options of getting the higher return is with tax saving is ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) or tax saving mutual fund. Now, I have shortlisted the […] Read More

How to Link New EPF Account to Existing UAN

link new epf account to existing uan You have changed your job. You had a PF account and UAN with the earlier employer. Now the new Organisation has also made a PF account for you. How to link new EPF account to existing UAN so that all your PF account comes with a single UAN? Introduction of the UAN is a very […] Read More