PF Made Easy- All About EPF UAN or Universal Account Number

Are you struggling with multiple EPF account with different employers? Do you want to withdraw PF online? Answers to these questions have been made easy. You can solve your EPF related issues using Universal Account Number (UAN). EPF UAN is a 12 digit number issued by EPFO to each EPF member. With this number, you can link multiple PF accounts with single UAN. If you are changing your job, the new EPF account can be linked with the existing UAN.

How will UAN help you?

If you are changing job you needed to transfer your existing PF account to the new employer. When you left a job with an Organisation they become reluctant to help you. As a result of that employees have to struggle to transfer their PF account. Many people found it easy to withdraw PF rather than transferring to the new employer. EPFO has launched the UAN service to ease the PF related services.

The EPF member has to register for UAN and activate it. With the UAN member can easily transfer the PF account, know the balance, download the passbook and view the status of transfer claim.

An employee can take the following benefits using UAN:

  • Smooth transfer of PF account balance from one employer to another when changing a job.
  • You can easily view, transfer and withdraw EPF balance.
  • With the UAN you can directly communicate to EPFO. There is no requirement of routing through your employer in case of any service requirement from EPFO.
  • You can transfer and withdraw your PF online using UAN.
  • The average time taken for any service by EPFO such as withdrawing or transferring your PF has become less if you have UAN.

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How to generate UAN number:

The UAN is generated for every EPF member by EPFO. The employer has the UAN for all its employees who are having EPF account. But it has been observed that some of the employers don’t give the UAN to their employees. So to know the UAN ask your HR persons in the Organisation to provide.  If they don’t provide follow the step by step guide by which you can collect your UAN.

Step-1# Collect EPF account number:

You collect your EPF account number. The EPF account number is displayed on your monthly payslip which is issued by your employer. If it is missing in the Payslip, ask HR persons to provide the EPF account number. The other details such as Date of Birth, Name as per PF records and a valid mobile number are required to process UAN.

Step-2# Go to UAN Members e-Sewa Portal:

Go to UAN members e-Sewa portal and click on Know your UAN status.

UAN status

Step-3# Fill Up the Details:

Fill up the details such as EPF member ID. Alternatively, you can also select PAN or AADHAAR number. If you have not yet activated UAN, AADHAAR number probably is not linked yet. You can check with your PAN also if you don’t know the PF member ID.

I have checked with my PAN and it worked. Put your name and mobile number. You can fill up the email id also.

EPF UAN Status

Step-4# Enter OTP/ Authorization PIN :

Get the authorization PIN to your mobile number and upon successfully verify you will receive an SMS stating your UAN with its status.

In this context, remember that you will get UAN status when you have been already allotted with UAN with your EPF account number.

UAN Status

How to register or activate your UAN number:

When you have UAN or receive the UAN you need to activate it. Here is how you activate your UAN stepwise:

Step-1# Go to UAN Members e-Sewa Portal:

After having the UAN, go to the official website of UAN or UAN members e-Sewa portal. Click on Activate UAN.

Step-2# Fill up the Details

You need to fill up any of the following IDs

  • UAN
  • EPF member ID
  • PAN

Other than the ids, fill up the name, Date of Birth and mobile number.

Step-3# Submit and Authorize PIN

Click on submit and you will receive an authorization PIN on your mobile. Put this PIN and upon successful verification, you can create the password, for login to this portal. The username is UAN. With this UAN and password, you can have access to all the facilities related to UAN.

Step-4# Registration Done

You will also get a registration SMS on your phone for successful registration to UAN portal and you UAN is now active.

Benefits of Registration on UAN Portal:

There are three main advantages of registering on the UAN website or activating the UAN :

  1. You can download or print your UAN card and save it for any future references.
  2. You can download or print the updated passbook anytime by logging in to the website. With this, you can have PF balance easily on your fingertip.
  3. Your KYC information can be updated anytime online by using this portal.

Benefits of UAN

Update KYC Information online for UAN:

After you have activated your UAN you can edit your KYC details. Know your customer (KYC) is to be always updated when your contact details or address changes. To edit the KYC details go to the link ‘Update your KYC information’ on the UAN website. You have to upload any of the documents such as Aadhaar Card, Pan card, Passport, Driving License and upload the scan copy.

UAN Passbook Download:

If you have UAN you can easily know your PF balance and also you can download your UAN passbook. You can print your UAN card. Here is how you can download your passbook and check the balance.

  • Go the EPF website>Our services>For employees>member Passbook or click here.
  • Fill up the Username with UAN and password. Put the Captcha provided.
  • Passbook facility is not available for the exempted establishment members such as EPF member whose EPF accounts are managed by trustees.

UAN Passbook download

There are other methods also by which you can check PF balance. Even you can check the balance with a missed call.


From the above article, I hope you are clear about the process of registering and activating the UAN. There is no doubt in the benefit of UAN such as smooth withdrawal and transfer of PF, Knowing PF balance, updating passbook, KYC etc. Hence, You should activate your UAN right now.

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