Hi, Readers! I am Suman Gayen, the person behind Investdunia.

I am an Engineering graduate. During college life, no thought came into my mind about the money. Being from a middle-class family and with no high ambition just passed the college life with fun.

Then started my working life in engineering and construction company.

My educational qualification and working are no way related to personal finance. But in early stages of my career, I have faced a financial turmoil situation due to family exigencies. Then slowly learned the various aspects of personal finance due to bigger responsibility.

Every time I was thinking how to be financially healthy and searching for some extra income. In this course, I have learned and gathered some knowledge about personal finance.  At the same time whenever sharing my thoughts with friends and colleagues, I felt that there is a serious deficiency in planning to achieve a better financial future.

I started helping friends and colleagues by suggesting the right approach for better financial future. Then interest grew and it turns into the passion once I started working more on this. Then I started reading and researching more and more about personal finance and investment. And this passion resulted into blogging on sumangayen.blogspot.com and later on I moved to self-hosted space investdunia.com.

Here is the list of my top 5 articles which attracted millions of views across the web:

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This blog can be considered as my learnings about my investment decisions. Other than blogging, I like to keep myself updated with the latest products and features in personal finance, Entrepreneurship and prefer to read finance-related blogs, Magazines and watching Business News TV Channels.

I am an avid reader of books on biography, entrepreneurship, start-up etc.  and also keeps updating about my currently reading section in Investdunia Home page.

I hope this blog will also benefit you in making the better financial decision about your money and help you to live a better financial future.

You can also reach me at admin@investdunia.com or you can tweet @investdunia1 and also like Facebook page.

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I am not an agent or broker for selling/ recommending investments. All the information in the blog is for educational purpose only. There are some affiliate links present in some blog posts. However, please consult a qualified financial planner or do your own research before making any investment.