Five Best Expense Tracker App for Money Management

I came across a guy few days back who is finding it very difficult to manage the household expenses now a days. He does not even figure out the money where he has spent throughout the month. The similar case happens for most of us.The presence of a credit card may worsen the situation further. Credit card helps to spend easily and we find it difficult while paying the credit card outstanding.

Find out, how a credit card can ruin your finance and how you protect it.

You can use a digital wallet in place of a credit card. To know more about digital wallet, read benefits and use of Digital Wallet.


In the age of smartphone, this has an easy solution, expense tracker apps. These apps will help you to capture the expenses you have done. It can categorize, analyze and sometimes can give you suggestion also.

For Investdunia readers, five best expense tracker app have been shortlisted which can help you to be within your budget.

# Money View:

Money view is an android app which can trackmoneyview your daily expenses. It can read your transactional SMS, email etc. to map the expenses and earnings.

It will also demand customer feedback from time to time. From these feedbacks and SMS, it will map the spending behavior.By analyzing the behavior, it can also suggest you the time for bill payment. It has also the option of savings.

Moneyview has partnered with ICICI Prudential Mutual fund for investment into the debt instruments and it can give you 8% return. To know  more about mutual fund, read Basics of Mutual Fund in India. You can also e file your Income Tax return with this app. It has been awarded best app in 2015.

Also Read: Steps to E-file your income tax Return.

To install Money View, Please click here.

# Walnut Money Manager

Walnut is tracking the transactional SMS and shows your personalized app. walnutIt reads the SMS and map your spending pattern. You can see your bank and credit card dues at a glance. You can export the data and generate expense reports.

It has the feature of splitting expenses with friends. You can set a budget and save money. This app can support 40+ Banks and cards (India only).

To install Walnut, Please click here

# Expense Manager

Expense Manager is simple, intuitive, stable expense-managerand feature-rich app that has personalized feature what you need at your fingertips to manage the expenditures and budgets. Tracking expenses and incomes. It records all items in a single transaction with different category and amount. It can give you payment alerts.

You can import and export account activities and backup can be done on Dropbox or Google drive. It has the facility of currency converter. Different calculators like loan calculator, tip calculator are also available for quick calculation

To install Expense Manager, please click here

#4. Andro Money

Andro Money is a very good app to keep andro-moneytrack the expenses. It is easy to operate and intuitive too. It can do daily accounting, managing categories, or even drawing detail reports. You can fix your budget and spend accordingly. It has the option to export to cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. It can show the expense trends with charts and graphs for ease of understanding.

To install Expense Manager, please click here.

# Money Manager

It is a Powerful Income, Spending Tracker & Effective Money management system built which helps you to take control on your money and Save your monthly expenses. It has following features:

  • You can have a smarter insight of your expenses and income with graphs and charts.
  • No Manual Entry & Zero Efforts – All Automated by syncing your SMS
  • Know your spending trends and categories.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Split expenses with friends
  • Set Reminders & Track your Bills. Never forget to pay Bills of your Credit Card, Utility Bills & EMI
  • Get amazing offers based on your expenses & SMS Inbox
  • You can have personalized experience.
  • It is Highly Secure as it never reads any sensitive data – No Bank Account Numbers, No OTP & No Net-banking login/password.

So, install one of the expense tracker apps to manage your money better. Also, know that how the small amount of savings over the years can give you big return.

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