Advance Tax Payment: A Complete Guide

As the name suggests the advance tax means the income tax which is to be paid in advance. If you have income tax liability of Rs 10000 or more in a financial year, you have to pay advance tax before the stipulated dates as set by the income tax department. Those who are liable to […] Read More

How to Pay Income Tax Online in 5 Simple Steps

You are filing the income tax return and while checking the 26AS tax credit statement. Then you see that there is income from fixed deposits and others but you have not paid income tax for that. For salaried employees, the employer is responsible for the correct tax deduction and payment to the Government on behalf […] Read More

GST Impact on Home Buyers: Good or Bad?

India has entered to a historical moment at midnight of 1st July 2017 by launching Goods & Services Tax (GST) to establish a uniform tax structure throughout the entire country. As the real estate is contributing 6-7% of total GDP, it is inevitable to look on real estate sector or specifically the GST impact on […] Read More