Top 8 Best Books on Mutual Funds in India

Investing in mutual funds is becoming very popular in India. Investors should know the Basics of mutual funds before investing in it. Here I have shortlisted 8 Best books on mutual funds in India which will help you to understand about mutual funds. You will get all your answers of questions like What is Mutual Fund? What are the types and how to select a fund or which fund will be suitable for the investor? These are the questions which come to not only to you but to every investor.

The risk is an integrated part of investing in mutual funds. Most of us are unable to assess the risk we can take while investing in the mutual funds. There are various types of mutual funds available in different options across the different asset class. You need to take a decision based on your requirement or goal, time horizon, and risk-taking capability.

These books can help you in your investment journey. If you are interested in comprehensive financial planning and building an overall approach towards financial planning, read the Best personal finance books.

Best Books on Mutual Funds in India for Beginners

1. Indian Mutual Funds Handbook 

The beginners or the first time investors have a tough time to know about the mutual funds. People are busy in searching the internet to know all the aspects but they could not as the information is not in one place. If you want to save time and search for the information in one place this book may help you in a great way.

The author Mr. Sundar Sankaran of this book is founder-director of Advantage India Consulting PVT Ltd. He has rich experience in the domain of strategy consulting and knowledge incubation boutique. He has also trained more than 20,000 participants from the various financial organisation in the area of finance and economics.

Indian Mutual funds handbook

The book beautifully explains the various topics such as benefits and disadvantages of investing in mutual funds, different types of mutual funds such as equity funds, debt funds, balanced funds etc. The Net asset value (NAV), cost of investing and risk associated with a specific mutual fund are also covered in this book.

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2. Systematic Investment Planning-SIP

CNBC TV 18 is publishing books on personal finance, economics and makes everyone understand the subject. They have a book on Mutual fund too which is Systematic Investment Planning-SIP. This book is a beginner’s guide to financial planning through SIPs.

This book describes the importance of financial planning at different stages of life, step by step guide and how it can be applied to reach financial goals. Start early to save in the way of SIPs for a long term can create a good amount wealth. The book reinforces this idea in a beautiful way.

Systematic Investing Planning-SIP

The book is easy to read and like a story. I am sure every investor will enjoy reading this book and will learn some valuable financial lessons.

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3. How to make a fortune through Mutual Funds 

This book is all about how you can make extra profit from mutual funds. We all know that buying low and selling high is the mantra for profits. You have to bear the loss in mutual funds in down markets. The gain in bull market surpasses the loss in the loss in the bear market and hence the return on the fund is decided. This book contradicts the idea of investing a long time in the market. It gives an idea of investing short time and make high profits.

You can find out the followings in this book.

  • Secrets of profitable mutual fund investing.
  • Benefits and risks of mutual fund investing
  • Why choosing the fund manager is your single most important decision and how to choose the fund manager
  • How to pick the right funds for different market conditions
  • Mutual fund investing strategies and when to use which fund such as equity funds, index funds, ETFs, income funds, gilt funds, commodity funds, real estate funds
  • Timing your mutual fund entries and exits.
  • How to leverage your returns by trading mutual fund
  • How to develop your skills of picking high return mutual funds and quickly exiting

How to make fortune through MF

The author of this book Mr. Ashu Dutt is a famous writer in the financial domain. He wrote many best-selling finance books and anchored many programs on financial markets for various business news channels such as CNBC TV18 and Bloomberg.

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4. Guide to Indian Mutual Fund

Guide to Mutual Fund is a book in which you as a beginner will be able to find out all the necessary information about the mutual fund. You will get to know from the ABC of the mutual fund. The author explains the various aspects of mutual funds such as types, NAV, pricing etc.

You will know how to invest in mutual funds in this book. How the investing in mutual funds will participate in financial planning.Guide to Indian mutual fund

The book mentions about the tax saving mutual funds and how the tax savings funds can be used in your portfolio. You will also know the top 10 performing mutual funds.

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5. 108 Questions & Answers on Mutual Funds & SIP

This book is written to answer all the questions which may come to your mind as a mutual fund investor. The book gives you the idea of mutual fund investing even if there is a certain amount of risks involved.

You will get to understand the various types of mutual funds and their comparison with other assets in this book. The different types of funds are having the different level of risk. This book gives you an idea of which mutual fund is applicable to you with respect to the risk you can take.

108 questions & answers on mf

The book also describes the different types of mutual funds and simplifies the various financial complexities in easy terms.

Moreover, the book’s question and answer format with recent examples will be enjoyable to the readers while reading the book.

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6. Mutual Funds in India: Structure, Performance, and Undercurrents 

This book is a much-needed book for the investors to look at the businesses of asset management companies (AMCs). The mutual fund industry is growing leaps and bounds in recent years. The book is the study of the various perspectives of the mutual fund industry to understand the complexities.

You will get to know the performance of various mutual funds by using conditional and unconditional models. You can also plan your future investments by evaluating the performance of various mutual fund schemes.

Mutual funds in India

The structure, organisation, and competition in mutual fund industry in India have been discussed in depth in this book. The reader or investor will surely gain confidence in investing in mutual funds after reading this book.

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7. Common Sense on Mutual Funds

The pioneer of the mutual fund industry John C. Bogle has written this beautiful book. This book is written in a simple and straight forward way and easily understandable to the readers or beginners in investing.

The book explains the fundamentals of mutual fund investing and how to invest in today’s turbulent market environment. It also shows how a diversified portfolio is virtually assured of outperforming over the long term.

Common sense on Mutual funds

The book is very well known in mutual fund industry and you can see various reviews from reputed investment websites.

Review on Common sense mutual fund

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8. Bogle on Mutual Funds 

Another masterpiece from Mutual fund legend is this book. This book has redefined the way we view the world of finance and investing. The author gives you the guidance on what you should and should not believe about the mutual fund. You will get to know the differences between stock, bond, money market and balanced funds.

The author also reveals the truth behind advertising, performance and selfishness and highlights the common mistakes many investors make.

Bogle on Mutual Funds

The book also describes the followings.

  • The risks and rewards of investing in mutual funds
  • Learn how to choose between the four basic types of funds
  • Choose the lower–cost, more reliable investment structure
  • See through misleading advertising, and watch out for pitfalls

According to – “No investor can be called intelligent who doesn’t understand the principles Bogle articulates in this book. The investor may still decide to try his hand at outperforming the market, but he should know what he’s up against.

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You will get a handsome idea on the mutual fund by reading the above best books on mutual funds in India. If you also want to start investing in stocks read my other article best books on stock market investing for beginners.

If you are still fantasizing about the idea of value investing I recommend you to read Best Value Investing Books for Beginners which will help you in a big way.

Have you read any other book on mutual fund and found useful? Feel free to comment below and I will love to hear from you.

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