Six Best Personal Finance Books which You should Read Today

The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading. – David Bailey

Reading is a very good habit of an individual. Reading makes a person more knowledgeable and successful. The CEO of Netcom Learning, Mr. Russel Sarder is telling the importance of reading a book.

For managing money, we need to know about financial planning. Reading is the best source of this knowledge. To start with reading I have shortlisted five best personal finance books which are for beginners and easy to read.

Rich Dad and Poor Dad:

This book is the first book which everybody should read who is interested in personal finance. This book will help you to build an approach towards personal finance. The book can guide you about the real assets and liabilities, the importance of cash flow or regular alternative income source etc. The author Robert T. Kiyosaki has beautifully defined how to spend or earn money.

rich dad poor dad

The book is the journey he had from childhood to adult and how rich and poor people teach their kids differently. He beautifully narrated how your primary residence is not an asset but a liability. Yes, you have read it correctly. Read the book to explore the insight about right asset and liabilities and regular cash flow.

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You can be Rich: A Practical Guide to Financial Planning:

If you want to know about different financial products, want to maintain discipline on investing, this book is for you. The book is a compilation of different articles from weekly newspaper ET Wealth with added flavors. The book is very good for all types of investors.

Financial planning is very important for your all achievement you wish. You will learn to manage your money well with the help of this book. The book has pages of very good paper quality. “The book has covered a variety of topics across various financial instruments meant for wealth creation, Goal Based” says one of the readers in Amazon India.

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You can be Rich too with Goal-Based Investing:

You can be rich too with goal based investing is a book written by the famous P V Subramanyam and M Pattabiraman. Both are successful in the personal finance domain. PV Subramanyam is running a blog called and M Pattabiraman is running a blog called

The book is for beginners in financial planning. It beautifully describes insurance, different asset classes, mutual funds etc. It also guides how you allocate the investment for better return. Every investment should have some target or goal. You can easily identify your goals and find the way how you can achieve it.

you can be rich too

The book is also linked with the website called goalbasedinvesting. Read the book thoroughly and calculate through the to arrive at a good portfolio.

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Retire Rich invest Rs 40 a Day:

I read this book four-five years back and become very much delighted seeing the simple calculation and lucid examples. This is another book written by P.V Subramanyam. The way the author of the book has presented is extremely good for beginners who just started financial planning.

Retiring early is a long cherished dream for everyone. To fulfill the dream, you need to act with a planning. This book tells you about that planning and how you can achieve it through proper discipline and right financial product.

Retire Rich

The book also guides you the importance of retirement planning early, how you can identify the amount or corpus required for your retirement and how can you reach to the corpus within the specified period. It also describes how you can use the money after accumulating it during your retirement life.

In this regard, methods of creating annuities and what options are available and the works about annuity are also covered in the book. You can also check out the review by Jagoinvestor.

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Everything you wanted to know about Stock Market Investing:

Do you want to invest in the stock market? Don’t jump just by hearing from your friend that he has made some profit. Read the financial newspapers, know about the company, do research on the industry and how the company is adding value to the customers etc. By knowing all of these you cannot compare the companies which are good and which are bad.

You have to know some parameters, do some analysis and finally come to a conclusion. The book exactly guides you about all which I mentioned above.The book also tells you about the various economic aspects and their impacts on the businesses. You will also know how to calculate the returns of equity investment and tax burden on the return.

everything you wanted to know about stock market investing

To me, the book looks too theoretical but at the end I enjoyed and in my view, the theories are important also to have an overall view before investing in the stock market.

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If you are interested in stock market, you can read more books which are specific to stock market investing. I have shortlisted some of the books which are very much helpful for beginners. Read Five Best Stock Market Books in India for Beginners to know more.


This is a new book from Mr. M Pattabiraman with co-author Mr. Pranav Surya. Start-up is the buzz in India and every young person coming out of college is inclined to have their own start-up, funding and then make money out of it.

This book explains how you can achieve your financial goals even if you start your career in the corporates. The authors explained how you should give the effort to achieve your goal. You have to concentrate on identifying big goals, understanding compound interest and consistency to achieve the financial goals.

The book is in a conversational tone and it goes in a very easy to read and understand. This book is a must-read for all the beginners in investors community and start practicing the principles will surely help them to achieve their financial goals.

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You can also get some recommendations on books on the home page of Investdunia where I share about my readings in Currently Reading section. You can start your exciting journey of personal finance by reading these books. When you start reading, the more you will get interested and I believe you will love the journey.

If you are convenient with reading the soft copy I would recommend you to buy an Amazon Kindle. The best part about it is that you can buy the financial planning e-books with much lower price than the hard copies.

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