How to File Income Tax Return Online – An Infographic

After giving all investment proofs to the employer, one task which remains for you is income tax e-filing to Income tax Department of Government of India. If any individual has the total income of more than the exemption limit, he or she has to file the income tax return. E-filling of income tax return had been introduced by Income tax department since a few years for easy and quick fillings. The due date for e-filling of income tax return is 31st July. It is mandatory for an individual to file income tax return if the individual is below 80 years age with the income of more than Rs 5,00,000 or having a refund claim in the return.

Who should file income tax return online?

Income tax Department has introduced Income Tax e-filing mandatory for the followings:

  • In case a refund is required
  • In case the gross total annual income exceeds Rs. 5,00,000
  • In case an income tax refund is required
How to file income tax return online?

How to file income tax return online

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